Wednesday, June 10, 2009

May Stamp Camp

I had planned on showing the projects I made at a Stamp Camp held on May 2nd long before this but somehow an entire month slipped right past me. So much has happened since then that I can’t even remember it all. Any who way.... we began by making a Stationery box with little pockets and dividers for holding greeting cards, gift cards and gift tags. We were given a selection of color schemes to choose from and, although not usually a “pink person”, the gray and pink combination appealed to me.

By the time I finished making the box I was feeling miserable with a fever and chills so thought it best I pack up and head home. I made sure that all the individual kits contained all the necessary supplies and completed them on my own once I was feeling better. Of course, since I was in my own stamping room, I strayed a bit from the original designs and used different punches etc. We made 4 greeting cards, 4 gift cards and 4 gift tags. All in all, it was a fun project.

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