Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kitchen Update...

Monday, February 14th, the cabinets will be delivered!!! And they will be installed on the 15th! I'm not sure if I thought this day was ever coming. The last of the "Let's see how filthy we can make Katie's entire house." work was completed about 30 minutes ago. I have a lot of cleaning to do! The last 2 really dirty jobs were the sheetrock mudding and the wood floor sanding so the entire house has a hazy film of white powder overlayed with red oak dust. Now I can finally vacuum and then dust and polish everything and have it stay relatively clean for more than 5 minutes.
Here are the lights we chose for over the sink and island as well as the ceiling fan. What do you think?
Til next time...


The kitchen and bathroom remodel is in the final weeks and we are down to where we just need to supervise as others do the manual labor. My body is very grateful indeed! I will be sharing photos of the whole process shortly but thought I would start re-blogging by showing the pages I did for the Family Yearbook.

The title page as well as the last page was created in Photoshop Elements 9 using a digital kit from Lettering Delights called "Banner Day". I received it free for signing up for their newsletter.

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