Monday, June 29, 2009

When I’m Not Stamping

I have been very busy these past 2 months with a lot of things other than stamping. My "pot" garden is doing very well and I have already had several salads from it. The Serenity Garden is doing extremely well especially with all the rain we have been having although the snails have been having a field day with my Hostas. For several years we have been planning to replace the grass and weeds on our parking strip with something that does not require any maintenance or water and will not be affected by all the road salt that the plows toss on there every winter. Finally, this year, as an Anniversary gift, we purchased several thousand pounds of red sandstone pavers. We were going to use red gravel but after losing several shear pins on our snow blower while clearing our neighbor's sidewalk because of the gravel in her parking strip, we decided to go with the pavers. It was backbreaking work and took us a few weeks to complete but our efforts were well worth it. When we were about halfway through the project we decided that it was too flat and boring so we purchased a few large sandstone rocks to add some interest. Then it poured rain and water shot out of all the gopher tunnels so we needed to relocate the downspout to our rain gutters. Once we did that we realized that our rain gutters had seen better days so we replaced those. Who knows what we'll find next! Any one making a run up to Idaho for lottery tickets?

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