Sunday, June 14, 2009

Glorious Nature

It has been raining here nearly every day for what feels like forever but I am not complaining. One of the things I miss about living back east is the vivid green of the trees from the rain. After years of what I call Utah Drab Green, we finally have a true green. The roses, trees, grass, perennials and herbs are all basking in the wet glory and if that isn't enough we frequently are treated to spectacular rainbows. A camera just can't capture the true beauty of it.

We also have a pair of robins nesting in the apricot tree on our front lawn. They were nice enough to build it in a crook right outside the kitchen window so I can get good shots of the action with my telephoto lens without disturbing the feathered family.

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Anonymous said...

I missed the rain this weekend but was not totally disappointed as we got rain where we were too. We went to Baker Nevada to see the Lehman Caves and other sights nearby. I love the rain! It's brings such beauty to nature's foliage. And washes away all the DIRT! LOL! Your pictures do a good job of showing how beautiful it is here in North Salt Lake and Bountiful Utah. Kim Smith