Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Serenity Garden

I have been AWOL for nearly 2 weeks but I have a good excuse... a very sick husband! During that time, I managed to go to a stamp camp on National Scrapbook Day but started running a fever, headache, chills etc. and thought it best I get myself home. Fortunately I had all the stamps and inks needed to complete the projects so I just took all of the supplies home. Little by little I have gotten everything done and will be posting all my goodies later. And the best part of all was the fact that I managed to fight off whatever I was coming down with.

I have spent the last 4 days getting my yard and gardens cleaned and weeded. I am really glad to have a hot tub because I doubt if I would be moving much without it. Every spring I get all Gung Ho and over do it and then spend days suffering. But I think it has been worth it especially with how beautiful my little Serenity Garden looks right now. I was able to spend some time there Sunday afternoon. The sun felt so wonderful after a winter that seemed to go on forever.

I have decided to plant all of my herbs and a lot of my vegetables in pots this year to see if I can get a higher yield while using less water and fertilizer. I still have to put down the mulch but I got most of the hard work done. Weeds must be able to grow underneath the snow because I KNOW I had that area cleared last fall.

My tomatoes, peppers and eggplants are still in the cold frame because it is just too soon to plant them when you live at 5000 feet above sea level. Last night it was down in the low 40's - high 30's and it is in the 50's right now. After 70's and 80's I am freezing to death!!! Think I'll make some tea and give these old bones a rest.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I can't wait to see your garden in the morning when I come over for that cup of tea. LOL!

Luv Ya!