Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rest in Peace Shirley

On August 20th a very special person in my life passed away. Dollhouse Miniatures first brought us together but love and friendship kept us that way and that love continued to grow and strengthen over the years in spite of a 27 year age difference.
She came into my life at a time when I so desperately needed a friend and mentor. She knew what it was like to be an only child and to have a mother who wasn't there to lean on and seek advice from. She knew what it was like to raise boys, to try and cope with a difficult child and to live with near constant pain. She knew what it was like to have to give up friends and family and move to Utah because of a husbands job. She knew all this and shared her experience and wisdom with me. And when I was feeling trapped and isolated she made sure I knew I had a home to go to and a person to turn to.
Tomorrow, August 31, 2009, she will be laid to rest but her love, her laughter and her zest for life will live on in my memories and in my heart forever. I have been so blessed to have called her friend, sister, and mother.
Farewell Shirley. I know you are at peace and have reunited with Joe. I will miss you.

Til next time...


xrciznuts said...

Hi Katie!

Your love for Shirley shows in your BEAUTIFUL card! She would be proud of you. You speak of wonderful memories of her. I wish I would have had a chance to have known her. She sounds like a one-of-a-kind person that God sent as a gift to you. Cherish every memory of her. Give lots of hugs to her family and know she is hugging you back.

utahrose said...

This card is wonderful - as your cards usually are! I love the simplicity and the sharp contract of color. I had a friend that was probably much like your Shirley. They really are one-of-a-kind people.

Kay Wallace said...

Hi, Katie, this is my first visit. Such a beautiful card. Such a beautiful friendship. My heart goes out to you in this time of great loss. May you find comfort in your memories, and strength in your love of Shirley!

Beth Norman said...

How special. Delightful sharing with us. I see you are following me on Twitter. I will now follow you, fellow stamper.