Friday, July 24, 2009

Buried Alive

I have been buried alive in "stuff" for the last few days. I am finally dejunking under the stairs where I tossed everything after closing down my Dollhouse Miniatures business over 10 years ago. I am nearly done but I still have 2 small table saws, a drill press and router table for the Dremel along with 2 jewelers lathes that need to find new homes. I have a 1/2 inch scale house that is only a quarter finished so I will probably just toss it along with my 1 inch scale fully landscaped gazebo unless we blow it up with fireworks.

I am hoping to upload several projects I have done since my last post as well as the final update on the baby robins before the weekend is out. Today is a major holiday here in Utah so I'm not sure just how caught up I will be by that time but here's hoping.

Until then...

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