Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Family Craziness

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a week. A friend has been out of town and we have had to care for her dogs. Then we had to rush our daughter-in-law to the hospital with appendicitis. On top of that, while I was waiting at the hospital on Saturday for my daughter-in-law to be discharged, my wonderful husband ran down to Petsmart for dogfood.  CAWS happened to be there with rescued dogs for adoption and "The Dogfather" found one he just couldn't walk away from. He had been abused so he's a bit skittish but he follows me everywhere. We took him to the vet yesterday for a complete checkup, shots, medicine for his eye and dewormer for his tapeworms.  Other than the irritated eye and the tapeworm, he is in excellent shape.  Once he learns to negotiate the staircase to my craft room, I'll be working on a few techniques I have wanted to try.

So here is MacTavish Muck-


utahrose said...

OMG!! I think he and Hershey are related. I bet he will fit in real well with the family! Congratulations!!

CroShayLady said...
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CroShayLady said...

I sent info to my sister, utahrose, about WaltzingMouse and she sent me your blog addy. I'm following.

What breed is your newest dog? He's a beaut! We have a tri color/bi-black Sheltie. She follows me so closely I have to warn her in advance before I change my mind! And she reads my mind and bosses me around. Now, who taught who, I wonder? But, alas, I'm too old to change. :c]

Tarjteachr said...

Mac is a Border Collie and so full of energy he wears me out just watching him. He finally followed me down the stairs yesterday so I should be able to get more crafting done. Yay!!!