Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Salt Lake City, New Mexico

Strange title, I know, but there were some strange doings in Salt Lake on Saturday night. It was the Annual Christmas Luminaria Display at a Salt Lake City cemetery. We were invited to a "fun run" through the cemetery followed by food and "Holiday Cheer" at a nearby home. Sorry, but if I ever got this body to run I would end up with 2 black eyes and a possible concussion.
However, a leisurely stroll with camera in hand seemed quite reasonable and there would be assorted spirits of another kind at the other end so off we went.
Traipsing through the snow, trying to photograph thousands of glowing bags in the cold, foggy dark without functioning opposable thumbs was an adventure in and of itself. Our laughter seemed downright sacrilegious at times with Christopher hopping around, trying not to "step on anyone". In between our giggles, it was eerily quiet, especially when you consider that this cemetery is sandwiched between 2 somewhat major thoroughfares and there were cars driving through to see the spectacle. To look out and see row after row of flickering candles glowing through the foggy dark was awe inspiring. I can only imagine how incredible it would look on a clear night.

These photos cannot begin to convey the peace, tranquility and sacredness we felt there. Forget the tree, the decorations, the gifts and all the chaos that is now associated with Christmas. The real Christmas was in a cemetery on a cold, dark, foggy Saturday night.

Til next time...

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xrciznuts said...

You should write a book. You describe so well that I felt like I was with you traipsing through the snow giggling at C trying to watch where he stepped and feeling the peace, tranquility, and sacredness of the cemetary.
Merry Christmas!
Kim Smith