Friday, February 6, 2009

Trying Again

It has been a year since I have posted anything which is totally ridiculous. Why have a Blog Account if you're not going to use it? Well I am determined to change that. My bestest buddy and A#1 Stampin Up Demonstrator bought me a Technique Junkies Newsletter Subscription and CD #6 for Christmas. That alone should give me plenty of reasons to blog. I have done so many projects through the years but haven't shared them but this year will be different... I hope.
And now to start off ...

3 years ago, this Valentines Day, we adopted a kitten, Bailey and a puppy, Seamus. This is what they looked like back then. Aren't they a hoot?

Now here they are all grown up. Bailey is keeping my purse warm and Seamus is Gopher Hunting.


donatelloh said...

They really get you with their undeniable cuteness when they're little, don't they? They you are forever hooked. I think they practice their cute looks.

Congrats on the birth of your blog. I applaud you on your decision. I've been kicking it around and so far that's all that's happened. When I do I'll let you & the rest of the snobs know.

OK, so get to posting all those fabulous cards that you make! You know I'm a fan of your work.

D in FL :D

Anonymous said...

I love your pets. Especially when Bailey shows his affection with a head butt. LOL! Where's your pic of Toby? You can't forget him. He makes the most noise when I come to see you. LOL! I think you should post a picture of the dogs you nanny too.

Kim Smith

Tracy said...

you do make me feel better about your blog posting. Sometimes life gets in the way doesn't it? your pets - so cute!